Jump to get ahead

Himalayan News Service


SLC exams are over now. Wondering what to do? Plenty of leisure time and you might be planning a nice break doing nothing. Or some of you might be thinking of working on your dreams of the last 10 years.

It is high time that you should pull up your socks and tighten your belts. If students are aspiring to secure a good future and want to pursue good higher studies later, this is the right time when to start preparing.

As soon as the results come out, one significant difference you would inevitably notice is the gap in the syllabus between your SLC books and your Intermediate textbooks. There is such a gap in the courses, which haunts all, and you would then have no other resort except rushing to coaching centres and your time just gets mismanaged. And you will realise that a bridge course would have helped a lot had you thought of it at the right time. Bridge course has been tested and implemented for years as one of the best ways to utilise time in terms of coping with the prospective problems that you might face.

Proton Institute, Putalisadak has started the course since this year. Vishnu Acharya, director, Proton Institute, shares, “Our bridge course is designed to provide a link between the syllabus of class 10 and 11. The time students would have spent for nothing can be utilised at maximum.”

Rajeev Shrestha, operation manager, AIMS-Nepal, shares, “Bridge course is not only about providing a platform for the students to prepare them for the syllabus of class 11 but also is about channelising their energy during leisure after exams.”

Intel Institute, established in 1995, has been providing bridge course for the last seven years. Umesh Thapa, manager, Intel Institute says, “In the long run when students go through the real courses of +2, the preparation during bridge course helps a lot in easing the problem.” Intel currently runs bridge courses for science and management.

Shrestha says, “Our syllabus includes the topics from class 10 and overviews the major chapters that are difficult yet important in class 11.”

“Our strength is that we have specialisation in science and offer Advanced Science Course,” informs Acharya.

Proton runs the course for 10 weeks and has its own lab and offers practical for the students. “Previous track is not only an aspect that students should look for; they should be aware of the strength of the teachers who are involved teaching profession and we have teachers who have more than 10 years of experience,” shares Acharya.

Besides bridge course, Proton Institute also offers medical foundation course, IT seminar and preparation for CBSE and ICSE courses. Acharya adds, “Today’s students also aspire

to pursue their higher studies in different colleges in India and we not only provide the preparation courses but also co-ordinate with such colleges as Delhi Public School or Northpoint School in India for admission procedures.” Cambridge Institute too offers the course in science and management. Gopal Bhandari, principal of the institute shares, “Today’s students have the benefit that we didn’t have in our times and I would suggest students to take one such course if they want to pursue their higher studies with confidence. They have a wonderful opportunity to utilise their time. Apart from bridge course, we also offer entrance preparation courses.”