Khudi Power Project exceeds goal

Khudi, March 15:

The Khudi Hydropower Project in Lamjung district has been successful in producing more electricity than its target.

The project, that was connected to the main transmission grid soon after its construction and it has produced 5 MW of electricity, exceeding its goal of 4 MW. According to the project source, this was possible because the whole design of project and implementation was effective.

According to the chairman of the project, Gyanendra Lal Pradhan, Khudi Hydropower Project is the first project designed by Nepali engineers. The project has 60 per cent investment of Butwal Power Company, 25 per cent of ASP Canada and 15 per cent of Lamjung Electricity Power Company.

Constructed in 2061 in the month of Chaitra, the project has been supplying electricity since the past two months. Pradhan claimed that the electricity supplied by the project is giving some relief to people struggling with load sheddings. Electricity is currently being supplied to eight VDCs, including Khudi, Simpani and Dhanpokhara.