Korean patron set upon for the second time

KATHMANDU: Korea’s H S Han, president of Himalayas Spring Water Pvt Ltd, was attacked at night in his own residence recently for the second time. Korean investors

have decided not to

return to Nepal unless their security is guaranteed by the government.

FNCCI vice-presidents Pradeep Jung Pandey and Bhaskar Raj Rajkarnikar also appealed to the government and the media to take the issue very seriously as this is hampering the economy of Nepal and the country’s reputation worldwide. They pointed out at the government appeals to international bodies for foreign direct investment (FDI) here but it has signally failed to provide a safe working environment for existing investors.

The company in Dhunche, Rasuwa, after

an agreement with the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation, will operate a factory

to produce PET bottles

and bottled water in Lantang National Park. It was ready to start operations after a long time of preparations in the past.

Himalayas Spring Water Pvt Ltd manager Dilli Ram Giri expressed discontent at the inability of the government to provide security to business people. He told the media of the company’s decision to postpone the launch of the product until the government has a concrete protection plan for foreign investors in place.

Company headquarters chief executive officer Y L Ryu came personally to Nepal to ensure the safety of his staffers in Nepal and take them back to Korea with him. He also thanked FNCCI and the media for their time and attention.

Pandey said FNCCI has urged the government to provide security for better investment climate. Rajkarnikar emphasised the fact that such acts cause more damage to Nepal and that those misguided parties opposed to foreign investment in Nepal should understand that it is the economic status of Nepalis that is being most affected. FDI creates employment, increases GDP and decreases trade deficit, all of which are very necessary.