Labour project to end this month, says ILO

Kathmandu, August 19:

The project entitled ‘Sustainable Elimination of Bonded Labour in Nepal’ is completing its duration on August 31, 2005 which was initiated in December 2001 with a view to facilitate bonded labourers.

According to International Labour Organisation (ILO), the project had supported government efforts to effectively rehabilitate former Kamaiyas, to promote fundamental principles and rights at work among agricultural workers, including Kamaiyas and to provide education and rehabilitation services for children of former Kamaiyas in five districts of the far and mid-western terai districts.

ILO has stated that the project was designed during the on-going movement of the Kamaiyas in the five districts of Nepal about five years ago. Meanwhile, on July 17, 2000, during the design stage of the project, the government abolished the Kamaiya system. The project was designed to build the capacity of stakeholders in rehabilitating former Kamaiyas and their children as well as empower Kamaiyas socially and economically. The project was also involved in promoting fundamental principles and rights at work for agricultural workers in Kamaiya prone districts, says ILO.

During the project period, ILO has claimed that it has focused its activities on various issues such as creating awareness for effective rehabilitation of bonded labourers, raise awareness amongst local and national actors (including agricultural workers, landowners, employers, and government authorities) on effective mechanisms for rehabilitating adult and child-bonded labourers.

Moreover, ILO claimed the project helped school-age children of bonded labourers and bonded child labourers to receive appropriate high quality education, integrated into their schools and communities.

However, the project’s impact assessment is yet to be done for which ILO has scheduled to hold a ‘national level key stakeholders consultation workshop’ for final evaluation of the project in a few days.