LCCI plans to promote agriculture tourism

Lekhnath, November 21:

Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce Industry (LCCI) has introduced a new concept — targetting tourists, who begin their journey from Talchock to Hansapur of Kaski district — in tourism.

As the tourists start their journey from Talchock of Prithvi highway in Lekhnath municipality, they can prepare their foods like chicken on their own at the different stops like in Sisuwa. They can fish in the Begnas lake, if they like to eat fish. After crossing the lake, they can milk buffalo and even taste honey directly from the hive in Pachabhaiya, after paying. They can pluck fresh oranges, pay and eat in Hansapur.

“We have brought this package for the first time in Nepal,” Baburam Jamar-kattel, president of LCCI, said, adding that LCCI has already launched farmers’ training with an objective of making the area a model tourist zone. “To make the package more popular, LCCI is focusing on advertisement,” he added.

Starting the programme has not been difficult since we have all the basic requirements for this package, said Laxmi Prasad Tripathi, general secretary of LCCI. This programme has been launched to increase the income of the farmers through agriculture-tou-rism with an assistance from different donors.

“An investment of Rs 23,00,000 in the first stage is needed,” Tripathi said, adding that LCCI is also launching field visits and skill development programmes to make it an effective and successful.