Gyanendra Gautam

Baglung, June 19:

Radhika Sharma from Bihu, Baglung, has stopped using chemical fertilizer and pesticide nowadays. She has instead started using organic fertilizers to increase production. Earlier, she used to use lots of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in her farm but she used homemade

compost and ‘Gothe Mal’ (farm yard manure — a kind of local fertilizer). The people in Bihu have stopped using chemical fertilizers nowadays because they are more aware of the bad effects of the chemical fertilizers. They have started producing organic and compost fertilizers

themselves at the local level. Nowdays they prepare the fertilizers with the waste from their households. Tulashi Ram, a farmer said, “Earlier, it was so expensive to purchase chemical fertilizers and pesticides but the local fertilizers do not only save our money but these also increase the productivity of our land.”