Locals join hands to conserve herbs

Syangja, January 4:

Residents of northern Syangja have been working for the conservation and promotion of rare medicinal herbs found in the region.

Locals of Bangsing, Arukharka, Chilaunebas, Panchamul and Phaparthum VDCs have been contributing to the conservation of rare herbs in the community forests of the VDCs for the past three years through the Bio Resources Development Multipurpose Cooperative (BRDMC). The Cooperative has been formed by different groups in all the five VDCs. These groups are involved in planting medicinal herbs in the community forests and conserving them.

Meanwhile, local organisations such as Machapuchhre Development Association and concerned VDC offices have been providing locals with technical support and training to plant and conserve these herbs.

District Forest Office (DFO) Syangja, too, has been helping BRDMC in its campaign to conserve and promote medicinal herbs, pointed out a DFO employee Rajendra Subba.

According to the secretary, Hem Sharma, BRDMC has targeted to collect two quintals of medicinal herbs of different species from the community forests this year. Sharma said the herbs will be used to make Ayurvedic medicines.

Herbs such as Chiraito, Timur, Tejpat, Panchaunle, Lauthsalla and Kurilo are being planted in the community forests. These herbs are very useful to make Ayurvedic medicines, said local Ayurvedic doctor Siddhiman Shrestha.

“Ayurvedic medicines made from local herbs prove to be beneficial especially in the country like ours where allopathic medicines are not easily available and affordable for common Nepalis,” claimed the doctor.

BRDMC’s Sharma said the demand for these herbs are increasing as they are used in different vaccines as well.