LPGIA calls off stir

KATHMANDU: The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industries Association (LPGIA) on Monday withdrew its strike after Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) promised to fulfil some of its demands. “The association had forwarded a four-point memorandum to NOC of which only two were fulfilled,” said an association member.

NOC has agreed to hike the association’s commission to Rs 28 per cylinder. The dealers earlier used to get Rs 25 per cylinder commission. The LPG companies will also get extra transportation charge while importing gas from points other than Barauni of India.

In opting for the ot her routes like Haldiya and Mathura in case of disturbance during import from Barauni there will be an extra charge of Rs 4.25 per kilometre per metric tonne. The charge from importing from Barauni is Rs 5.03 per km.

However, NOC rejected the demand of the association to deny permission to new gas industries. NOC has decided to list some criteria for new gas industries seeking licence but refused to deny permission.

NOC agreed to insure laden tankers though the LPG association demanded a complete two-way insurance of their tankers. NOC imports about 12,000 metric tonnes of LPG per month from India. There are 29 LPG industries at present.