Mahat blames Maoists for anti-investment climate

Pokhara, June 13:

Finance Minister Dr Ram Saran Mahat blamed Maoists for creating disturbance in the inflow of investment. While inaugurating special general meeting of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) in Pokhara, today, he said CPN-Maoist has not yet stopped issuing threats that have stalled the free flow of investment into the country.

“The condition would not improve until the Maoists give up their extremism and change their behaviour,” he added. Mahat also urged industrialists to raise voice against the Maoists’ atrocities. “Nobody will benefit from the Maoists’ fear, terror and threats, now.”

He also blamed the Maoists for creating confusion over their economic policy. “They sometimes say that they will follow capitalist economic policy and sometimes they threaten of nationalisation of property,” he said, adding that the confusion has spoiled the atmosphere of trust. “Mutual trust is key for the development of economy at present,” he said.

“The current economic growth is positive and all the financial indicators are good,” he said. The economic growth could touch 10 per cent, if there is political stability and conducive environment for investment in the country.

Though Nepal has been declared a republic, its management is complex, he said, adding that the international circle is also keenly watching our steps towards a republican state. He also expressed dissatisfaction over unnecessary interest of foreigners on selecting prime minister and president. “Nepalis themselves are able to take decision on the issue,” he added.

Mahat also asked businessmen and industrialists to suggest clearly over the things that private sector could contribute to the economic development of the country.

FNCCI chairman Kush Kumar Joshi, on the occasion, said there is no respite from the incidents

of killings, abductions and lootings of businessmen and industrialists by different groups.

If there would be a mutual understanding between government and the political parties, it could create a conducive environment for private sector, he said.

Over 400 businessmen and industrialists across the nation are attending the special general meeting of the umbrella organisation of the private sector.