Make revenue collection efficient

Kathmandu, August 14:

Nepal Retailers Association (NRA) urged government to develop an efficient methodology and effective management of revenue collection from retailers.

Speaking at a programme here today, Raj Kumar Shrestha, general secretary of NRA said, “Government should think of simplifying revenue collection system apart from only focussing on how to increase revenue collection.”

“A mechanism to control the revenue leakage is also need of the hour.”

“Though registration in the PAN is high, collection of income tax is minimum,” he said, adding that there must be an effective rules and regulation to control such loopholes.

“The retailers have to face problem while getting the tax certificate after paying the revenue,” he also criticised the procedure of the revenue department.

Expressing his dissatisfaction over the system Shrestha further added, “The process for receiving the tax certificate after payment of revenue is quite lengthy. There is no proper system of systematic filing of the documents.” Therefore, we need an e-Filing System and promptness in getting the tax certificate after tax payment, he demanded.

Holding its 29th annual general meeting today NRA raised its voice to get its demands fulfilled. “Until customs for the goods imported is not evaluated accurately, the retailers cannot start using ECR machine.”

They also asked the government to make commodities like sugar, wheat and oil tax-free.

Shanker Dev Upadhyay, the representative from Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), said, “FNCCI is always ready to provide any kind of support to NRA.”

“But there must be clarity of agendas. We can discuss and bring out proper solutions for the benefit of the retailers,” he promised.

Upadhayay further added that the business community is already having great problems due to the syndicate system. “Each and every businessmen and industrialist, are being hit by the illegal system. They are protesting but nothing has happened.”