MoALD implements Unified Health Strategy 2076

Kathmandu, February 7

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD) has introduced the Unified Health Strategy 2076 to prevent health problems caused by unmanaged production and marketing of livestock and its products.

As unmanaged livestock farming, production of livestock products and unmanaged livestock import are reasons behind the population being unhealthy the government has brought this policy aiming to regulate such industries in cooperation with the concerned authorities, the policy mentions.

The strategy will have five different sectors to work on.

The first strategy is to coordinate with stakeholders. Under this strategy, the government will form one central committee comprising of 11 members.

The committee will comprise representatives from MoALD, Department of Livestock Services, Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Forests and Environment, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance and National Planning Commission.

The committee will prepare needful policies to implement the strategy. Likewise, the committee will have a right to select and approve the proposals related to strategy implementation submitted by the technical coordination committees formed in provinces.

The second strategy is to have testing laboratories and supervising the industries related to livestock. The technical coordination committees will look after these activities.

Likewise, the third strategy is to provide skill development knowledge and training to stakeholders. Under this strategy, the government will provide technical and human resources support to the stakeholders for management of laboratories.

A communication system among livestock health units and public health units will be established for awareness among people regarding health problems created by the livestock. The government will also provide information to the public regarding health issues that may be caused by consuming wild animals.

The fourth strategy is precautions while the fifth strategy is communication and monitoring. The strategy will come into implementation soon after the preparation of its framework.