More migrant workers getting jobs abroad

KATHMANDU: The growth that started in foreign employment since October continued in Magh (from mid-January to mid-February). Magh witnessed a 2.76 per cent growth compared to last month’s 25,280. According to the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), around 26,000 Nepalis left jobs in six dozen countries last month.

Malaysia topped the ladder of foreign destinations hiring 10,346 Nepalis in construction, manufacturing and service sectors followed by Saudi Arabia (5,243), Qatar (5,006), the United Arab Emirates (2,929) and Bahrain (462). The top five destinations had hired 92.25 per cent of Nepali migrant workers employed in overseas jobs. Around 1,52,081 workers have left Nepal for foreign jobs so far.

The number of Nepali workers going abroad through individual contracts is growing in recent months. Around 6,982 Nepalis — 6346 men and 636 women — joined the foreign job market through individual contract between mid-January and mid-February. Israel, which had banned Nepali workers since April 24, 2009, has hired 177 Nepalis — 27 men and 149 women — through individual contract. Oman, Japan, Afghanistan, Hong Kong and Canada have emerged as new destinations hiring 368, 220, 117, 67 and 22 Nepalis, respectively. China, the world’s fatest growing economy, hired 20 Nepalis through individual contract for the first time.

The market for Nepali blue-collar job aspirants has expanded to other destinations outside the government permitted 107 countries. Such countries like Angola, Bermuda, Mali, Yaman, Senegal and Sudan hired 58 Nepalis in Magh.

Top five destinations

Malaysia 10,346

Saudi Arabia 5,243

Qatar 5,006

The UAE 2,929

Bahrain 462