Ncell App Camp finalists mentored

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s leading mobile service provider, Ncell, on Tuesday organised a mentorship session for 24 finalists of the Ncell App Camp 2015, the biggest app development conclave of the country. During the session, experts from various fields talked to the finalists about building business model, improving user interface and pitching ideas to potential investors. They provided one-to-one mentorship to each of the participating team and provided valuable insights into their apps, as per a press statement. Six app ideas each from four categories — ‘Games and Entertainment’, ‘Health’, ‘Tourism’ and ‘Utilities’ — were selected as finalists on December 12 based on pre-announced judgement criteria: importance of problem the app aimed to solve, the app’s business potential and global scalability. According to experts, all 24 ideas selected are novel in some way, and participants now should focus on creating a sustainable business around their app.