Border entry point between Biratnagar and Jogbani to open today

BIRATNAGAR: The customs official of Nepal and India on Sunday made an agreement to open the border entry point  between Biratnagar of Nepal and Jogbani of India.

Following the agreement between the chief of Rani Customs Office, Krishna Basnet, and the chief of Jogbani Customs, Pranesh Gupta, the border entry point, would be opened from today evening.

It has been reported that around 700 cargo vehicles have been stranded in the border areas due to the obstruction for 10 days.

In a  meeting today, the officials agreed to make the process of customs clearance easier, make an arrangement for the smooth supply of fuel, foodstuff and medicines to Nepal, provide security to the India vehicles in the Nepali soil and set up a help desk at customs point with the support of Chamber of Commerce and Industries, according to Basnet.