NT alerts subscribers of unusual phone calls

Kathmandu, November 26

Nepal Telecom has appealed to its subscribers not to receive phone calls from any unknown and unusual number. Sending a message alert to its subscribers today, Nepal Telecom (NT) has urged its subscribers not to entertain phone calls from numbers like 0123456 and 123456, among others.

Since the past two months, NT has received numerous complaints about unidentified groups attempting to cheat people using such unusual phone numbers.

“We have been receiving complaints that unidentified groups have been attempting to cheat people in the name of various schemes using such numbers. Following the same, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) had urged NT to make its customers aware about such fraudulent schemes,” said Prativa Baidhya, spokesperson for NT.

As per Baidhya, Nepal Telecom forwarded the alert notice to all its subscribers today.

Meanwhile, NT has been investigating the exact route via which unidentified groups have been making such phone calls to different people. NT has also urged its subscribers to file complaints at 188 (toll free) number if they receive such fake calls from unusual numbers.

Issuing a public notice last week, NTA — the telecommunications sector regulator — had urged people to be aware of such unidentified phone calls. NTA had also informed that different security agencies, telecom service providers and NTA itself are in the process to tap such phone calls and take necessary action.