NEPSE registers double digit rise

KATHMANDU: The domestic share market has sent a wave of hope to its investors as it recorded a double digit rise today, the opening day of the week.

The Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) index was closed at 1198.18 points, enjoying 32.24 point rise.

According to NEPSE, the rise has been calculated in 2.77 per cent compared to the previous records.

Likewise, the sensitive index measuring the share values of 'A' class companies increased 7.31 points to sit at 255.28 points. A total of 2,812,212 units of share of 164 companies were traded today and the total turnover was Rs 875,572,763.

All the NEPSE sub-indices except the manufacturing and production ended with a green signal, indicating the rise. The manufacturing and production sub index suffered the 6.05-point fall.

The investors of non-life insurance sector earned the most as its sub-index recorded highest points-318.02.