The Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE) index has dipped by 79.74 points, a 3.12 per cent drop on the first day of the trading week.

On Thursday, the NEPSE index had closed at 2554.14, which plunged to 2474.39 on Sunday.

Similarly, today the Sensitive index too has shrunk by 14.53 points and remains at 447.29. In the same manner, float index and sensitive float index too experienced a downward trend and fell by 5.52 and 4.68 points respectively.

Despite the decrease in the NEPSE index, the transaction amount in the market has seen an increase.

On the last trading day of the previous week, a transaction of Rs 6 billion was conducted. Meanwhile, on Sunday, a transaction of Rs 8, 35,52,89,000 has been made.