NIBL's new branch

KATHMANDU: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (NIBL) has opened its 72nd branches at Lanti, Salyan.

This district falls under Province 6 and has more than 12,000 population, and the new NIBL branch is expected to provide a reliable financial transaction for the locals, as per a media release.

In order to meet its goal to reach the unbanked and the most under-developed parts of the country, the bank has made its presence in the areas where peoples are unaware of banking systems. NIBL is the only bank in Nepal so far to invest in deprived sector lending of Rs 3.7 billion to 22,700 people.

NIBL has over 800,000 customers, 100 ATMs, six extension counters, over 550,000 visa debit cardholders, 57 branchless banking services and more than 300 visa NPN member banks.

NIBL is the only commercial bank to be awarded with the prestigious Financial Times ‘Bank of The Year' award for fifth time and has been consistently receiving ICRA credit rating Nepal ‘A'.