NOC to start SMS service for fuel queue

Kathmandu, December 17

If things go according to plan, then motorists and motorcyclists will not have to spend hours or even days at times in queue to purchase fuel at fuel stations, as Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) is preparing to introduce text messaging system that will guarantee fuel in a much easier way.

The text messaging queue system will be initiated from four fuel stations of Kathmandu Valley when NOC announces refuelling facility for four-wheelers. Consumers can request for fuel through free SMS, as per NOC Spokesperson Mukunda Ghimire.

“NOC will utilise the gateway of the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers to extend this free SMS facility.”

Under this facility, consumers will have to send SMS to 1111 as per the instructions that will be specified by NOC soon. Once the SMS is delivered, consumers will get a code in their message box.

Along with this, consumers will get information about the day, time and fuel station, from where they will be able to avail refilling facility.

The text messaging system will accept only one SMS from one mobile number during any given refuelling period, according to NOC. It will also extend the facility of cancelling the request.

To avail this free messaging service, consumers will have to type REQ, P for Petrol, D for Diesel and G for Gas, then type the bill book number, district telephone code, electoral constituency and type of vehicle (S for small, M for medium and L for Large). The information will have to separated by a space, according to Ghimire.

Consumers also can check their number in the queue by sending SMS to 1111. To know the number in queue, consumers will have to send SMS by typing CHK, bill book number and code number. Space is required before typing every feature after CHK.

NOC expects to deliver fuel to vehicles in a much easier way when this system is implemented.

It also has plans to extend this service to other parts of the country once it is successfully implemented in pilot phase.