NPDA sees red at subsidy

Kathmandu, March 13:

Nepal Petroleum Dealers’ Association (NPDA) has voiced serious concern over the government’s recent decision on Rs 10 subsidy per litre of diesel to industrialists.

The association handed over a memorandum to Minister for Commerce and Supplies (MoCS) Rajendra Mahato against the decision and asked for revision of their commission rates and repayment of losses.

Earlier, NOC revised its three per cent commission system and started a flat commission system which the dealers want scrapped. “We want five per cent commission,” NPDA said.

It also demanded repayment for the loss caused by NOC’s price reduction decision on August 20 last year. Then, NOC had reduced the price of petroleum products after two days of public protests. “If our demands are not met, it will cause a crisis and MoCS will be solely responsible for that,” an NPDA statement said.

The industrial sector is already paying Rs 6.33 less per litre of diesel as per VAT repayment facility, NPDA said.