BIRGUNJ: Cadres of Janatantrik Mukti Morcha (Jwala Singh) have demanded a ransom of Rs 1 million for the release of Nawaraj Pudashaini, a security guard at Jyoti Farm. According to the police, a gang of three had abducted Pudashaini on Saturday at around 10 pm when he was on duty at the farm. Abducted Pudashaini is also a district member of the All Nepal Security Workers’ Union affiliated to UCPN-Maoist. According to inspector of the Armed Police Force Ramjung Shrestha, Raju Patel had demanded the ransom from the in-charge of the security guards over the phone. He also demanded the company to provide employment to 10 of their cadres. Meanwhile, central deputy-chairman of the All Nepal Security Workers’ Union Gajalal Baskota demanded the release of Pudashaini at the earliest.