Outreach Nepal wins ECI awards

KATHMANDU: Outreach Nepal has won ECI Marketing Innovation Award for their ‘Basic Humanity’ campaign, which was initiated in the beginning of March this year, amidst the global pandemic, when the entire world was locked inside houses with limited resources.

ECI festival was held in Shanghai from December 16 to 18. ECI Awards was founded by IECIA (International Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Innovators Association).

ECI presents the global award in the arena of digital economy, which measures ‘effectiveness of innovation’ as the evaluation criteria.

It recognises the most innovative achievements in the categories of business model, product, service, technology, marketing and management to encourage and inspire innovations applied in commercial and creative industries around the world, as per a media release.

“For the first time most probably, ‘Basic Humanity’ campaign started in Nepal and was adapted by six countries and in eight different languages, the campaign was noticed by major global advertising publications, they came forward and covered the campaign insights in their publications.”