Pakistan to lease out Gwadar port

Islamabad, August 8:

The Pakistan government is contemplating leasing out Gwadar port in the southwestern Balochistan province to the private sector for a period of 25 to 30 years, Online news agency reported. Sources said several international companies, including Global Marine Service Company and Dubai Port International, have shown interest in handling Gwadar port operations. The firms have sent their applications on expression of interest to the shipping ministry. The government is keen to develop Gwadar port as a regional hub port. Gwadar Port management is also in the process of hiring consultants, who will prepare a master plan and future expansion plan of port. Besides, a road network is also being developed that links Gwadar to Quetta and Punjab and beyond Afghanistan and Central Asia. Once the road network and railway lines are completed, Gwadar will also be used as a transit port for Afghanistan and Central Asian countries.