Parbat flush with 11 hydel projects

PARBAT: Eleven micro hydropower projects have come into operation at different places in Parbat district.

The micro hydroelectricity projects use the water from different streams in half a dozen VDCs in the district to generate power.

Among the micro hydropower projects currently in operation are two projects each in Bhoksing and Pangrang VDCs and one each in Kyang, Saraunkhola, Bhorle and Huwas. All the projects combined generate 156.5 kilowatts of power. Fourteen thousand and two households in eight Village Development Committees (VDCs) have benefited from these projects.

The projects were built with financial assistance from UNDP.. The District Development Committee also provided technical support in the construction of these projects. Branch undertook the construction.

The projects have been constructed at a total cost of Rs 23.6 million, the Energy Development Branch, Parbat said.