Petrol consumption down in Biratnagar

Biratnagar, August 9:

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) East Regional Office, Biratnagar has said the consumption of kerosene in the region in fiscal year 2004-05 has decreased by about 10.755 litres compared to the consumption during the previous fiscal year. However, the sale of petrol and diesel has gone higher in fiscal year 2004-05 than in the previous year. The Regional Office supplied about 52.05 million litres of petrol and diesel in FY 2004-05 while it had sold about 46.43 million litres of petrol and diesel in FY 2003-04, according to the Office. “The supply of petroleum products in all the 16 districts of the region is uninterrupted and satisfactory,” said Regional Chief of the Corporation Arjun Singh.