PM Oli seeks cooperation from pvt sector for country’s prosperity

Kathmandu, February 11

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that prosperity in the country is possible only through the shared efforts of the government and the private sector based on mutual understanding.

Addressing a ceremony to honour the ‘Commercial Important Person’ (CIP) organised by the Trade and Export Promotion Centre, under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies here today, PM Oli reiterated that the government was ready to cooperate and address the hurdles, problems and inconveniences being faced by the private sector.

He also urged the private sector to increase production and generate more employment.

“The private sector should also focus on substituting imports and raising the country’s exports and the government is always ready to provide all necessary support,” Oli stated. He also asked the private sector to work with more confidence and apprise him of any difficulties that they might be facing.

PM Oli further said that the country is on the path to economic prosperity with the change in the country’s political structure and that the government and private sector need to collaborate to achieve the goal of economic prosperity of all Nepalis.

“The government at present is focused on good governance and economic growth for the country’s sustainable development,” he said, adding that this would be possible only through a collaboration with the private sector. “Development and prosperity of the nation are not possible without the private

sector so I would urge all to make collective efforts on this front.”

Speaking at the programme, Minister of State for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Motilal Dugad said that the private sector has a significant role to play in the country’s economic prosperity and these types of award and respect will boost the private sector’s morale.

He also mentioned that the government has always been active in creating an investment-friendly environment in the country. “The government will always be there for entrepreneurs and we will not allow any disruption to the business climate,” he stated.

Bhawani Rana, president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said such types of accolades will give further strength to do business in the country. “However, the government needs to create a private sector friendly environment in the country.”

During the programme, the government conferred the CIP award on 25 top exporters, and leading industrial and trade association heads honouring their contribution to the country’s economy. The CIP award allows winners to claim various facilities like special passes that would entitle them to gain easy access to government offices and receive special treatment in various places.