Potato Farmers unable to get market

Dhading, December 23:

Farmers of Tipling Village Development Committee (VDC), in the northern part of Dhading district, are facing problems selling their crop as the transport service to ferry their produce to the markets is not available.

It takes three days to walk from Tipling VDC to the district headquarters, Dhadingbesi.

A farmer Kache Ghale of Tipling VDC-9 said that the villagers have been subsisting on potatoes for more than six months every year due to the lack of food grains in their village.

Due to the inability to reach the market on time, they are been selling the potatoes at the rate of Rs 25 per pathi in their own village.

“It takes four days for them to take their produce to Dhadingbesi bazar and that also is a very costly affair, another farmer of Lingcho village in Tipling VDC-9, Lopcha Thapa, informed.

The villagers are forced to consume potatoes as their morning and evening meals. Each household produces five to 20 muris of potatoes.

"Except for one or two days a week, we survive on potatoes," said Thapa adding that the yield of millet in the VDC, however, was good.