Production halted

BIRGUNJ: Some 2,000 factories along the Birgunj-Pathalaiya Industrial Corridor have stopped production due to the continuous bandh and strike for the past 50 days.

The bandh was called by Madhes-based political parties expressing their dissatisfaction over delineation of federal states and promulgation of new constitution.

The factories have not been able to import necessary raw materials as well as fuel required for the past nine days after agitators began staging sit-in at Miteri bridge on the border point. All factories, including that of large- and small-scale have been directly hit hard due to this.

According to Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), there are some 2,200 factories along the corridor. President of BCCI, Pradeep Kediya, said that most of the factories along the corridor have stopped production.

The corridor faces a loss of around Rs 560 million every day and around 50,000 workers have been affected due to this, which has caused a loss of around Rs 25 billion so far.