PSC service facility

KATHMANDU: Primax Service Centre (PSC) has announced that it has completed the upgradation of its servicing facility and is now capable of repairing all Canon lenses (including ‘L’ lenses) up to 200mm.

“This is in addition to our ability to service all EOS cameras in a timely and cost effective manner for all our Canon camera users,” reads a press release. Primax has invested in state-of-the-art camera diagnostic equipment as well as frequent training of its service engineers in Canon Singapore Headquarters to keep up with the evolving cutting edge optical technologies in Canon cameras.

Additionally, all cameras now coming in for servicing at Primax are monitored by Canon Japan to ensure consumers receive the same high quality camera servicing in Nepal as they would in Japan. Primax Service Centre is the only Canon authorised service facility for cameras in Nepal and is one of the few non-Canon owned service centres in Asia capable of full DSLR repairs and lenses up to 200mm and demonstrates Primax’s commitment to Canon users in Nepal.