Public procurement services resume


The Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) has resumed it services for public procurement. After a technical error occurred at PPMO’s official website between August 8 and 12, services had been halted since August 27 until further notice.

Due to the technical error PPMO had been facing problems in downloading the files that had been uploaded on their website and was not able to upload any files too.

Thus, the procurement processes of government bodies had been affected.

Issuing a notice today, PPMO has requested the stakeholders to proceed with their procurement processes and submit the applications that could not be uploaded earlier. As per the PPMO, files that were submitted between August 8 and 12 had not been downloaded.

Thus, the PPMO has requested the government bodies to resubmit their files and begin the procurement process.

Similarly, PPMO has also requested the public authorities who had already received the permission for procurement but were yet to submit the necessary documents to re-upload their procurement-related documents on the website based on the new dates scheduled for them to submit their documents.

It has also requested all the stakeholders to re-publish their notices related to their procurement processes.