Pulses pulse alarmingly

BIRGUNJ: The price of pulses has skyrocketed after the production in the country could not meet the home consumer demand. Price of one kilogram of lentils has reached Rs 145 and which cost Rs 95 only some three weeks back. Businesspersons in Birgunj said the price of daily consumer items have reached an all- time high.

Due to high demand for pulses, local businesspersons are smuggling in pulses worth of millions rupees from India. The price gets higher by some 25 to 30 percent against the Indian market if the pulses are imported legally from India.

Commodities are carried to the desired destination paying 10 per cent transportation charge here in the bordering cities.

Though the revenue patrol, police and Revenue Investigation Office are responsible for curbing illegal import and export of goods, they have failed to do so. A businessperson said on condition of anonymity that the authorities themseoves are encouraging the sumggling of commodities.