Raise your hand for $100,000

New York, October 25:

It could be the most expensive vote in the world. The right to raise your hand at one of Warren Buffett’s annual meetings will set you back $100,000.

The price of stock in Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment empire hit six figures this week, setting the highest ever US-listed share price.

That money could buy a beachside apartment in Florida, a second-hand private plane or 10 first-class British Airways flights to Australia.

It is testimony to the following of the world’s second richest man, known as the “sage of Omaha’’ for his stock picking savvy. When he took over Berkshire Hathaway in May 1965 a share cost $65. That has multiplied by 1,500 and the company now has a market capitalisation of $155bn.

A call to its Nebraska head office elicited little response to the landmark. Buffett’s assistant, Debbie, said the company only employed 18 staff and had nobody to answer media questions.