Road link to India

KAPILVASTU: The construction of the 28-kilometre road connecting Chakad Chauda to Pipara, the shortest road from the highway to India, has been completed in three years. The road was constructed with the financial assistance of the World Bank at the initiation of the District Development Committee (DDC), Kapilvastu. The daily life of people has been eased with the construction of the road linking the district to India. Earlier, it used to take three hours to travel to the Nepal-India border on foot. Now, the distance has been shortened and it takes one hour by bicycle to travel to the border. Local farmers, daily-wage earners and labourers are a happier lot with the construction of the road. The road was constructed at a total cost of Rs 30 million under the Rural Access Improvement and Decentralization Project of the DDC, Kapilvastu. — RSS