Road trip to Everest reaches Nyalam

KATHMANDU: Yamaha FZ team headed to Mt Everest basecamp under the campaign ‘Road trip to Everest’ reached at Nyalam of Tibet today. The team stayed for a day in Nyalam for acclimatising with the climate.

A team of 10 riders comprising of singer Nima Rumba, National player Deepak Bista and media person Suraj Singh Thakuri with lucky winners had left yesterday. After crossing Friendship bridge between China and Nepal they reached Nyalam.

Nyalam is located just few kilometers away from Jangmu at the altitude of 3750 meter. They are guided by Chinese guide affiliated with Sacrad Summit from Jangmu. They have to travel through tough trail having length of 11-km to reach their destination. The team will have to spend a night in cold environment of minus 7oC at Nyalam. “Trail is quite

challenging and the climate is cool. But, our bikes are superb, we have no problem at all,” said Thakuri in an email. He also thanked Yamaha. “With the smooth road at few places we could travel at 110-km per hour,” he said adding that they are enjoying the challeng.

Even tougher path will challenge them after Nyalam but the team is prepared to accept it. “This is the most important journey of our life and we’re determined to face any challenges ahead,” wrote Nima Rumba. “The trail is uneasy and unfavourable but the ride is amazing in Yamaha FZ. They seem to be very enthusiastic seeing the performance of Yamaha FZ that is one of the most

popular bikes among Nepali youngsters.

According to Morang Auto Works (MAW) — the authorised dealer of the Yamaha bikes in Nepal — the trip was organised to prove excellent performance of the bike.