Rumpum gets NS certificate

Kathmandu, June 25:

Rumpum has been awarded the NS Quality Certificate by the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology.

“It is yet another acknowledgement of Rumpum’s excellent quality. The certificate recognises high quality products, as per relevant Nepali Standards (NS) that are able to compete more efficiently in the regional or global markets,” states a press release. Rumpum’s manufacturer, Asian Thai Foods (ATF), is also an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

New Rumpum has improved with additional amounts of essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D3, calcium and protein, together with a new metallic packaging. The enhancement has made Rumpum far better and more nutritious than ordinary noodles, claims the company. “The aesthetically improved, metallic packaging keeps the noodles fresh for much long durations.”

The more nutritious Rumpum is also available for Rs 12, throughout Nepal, further states the company release.