Sajha Mal outlet hops back to life

KATHMANDU: Sajha Mal outlets in the valley now have a supply of fertilizers after a nine-month shudown due to lack of stocks.

Sajha Mal Outlet at Bhadrakali has procured 200 sacks of urea and 100 sacks of complex fertilizers.

“We weren’t been able to purchase fertilizer due to its unavailability with our dealers Krishi Samagri Company,” said Anil Raj Satya, depo in-charge of Sajha Mal, Bhadrakali.

Sajha has fixed the rate of urea at Rs 742 per 50 kg and Rs 1145 per 50 kg of complex fertilizer.

“We have only included transport and coolie fees. No extra amount has been added to the original buying price,” he said.

Yesterday, the budget stated an allocation of Rs 1.5 billion for subsidy on chemical fertilizers. The budget also stated that necessary policy and infrastructure would be arranged to encourage the production of organic fertilizer at the local level. The budget has allocated Rs 50 million to provide 50 percent capital subsidy on the cost of machinery equipment of the organic fertilizer factory to be established by cooperatives.

The budget for agriculture and fertilizers also promises to provide immediate relief to people in food crisis and assistance to farmers for food production increment, continuity in the activities of small irrigation, fertilizer and seed transportation, seed production and storage under the food crisis program in 23 districts in high and mid-mountain areas.