Standard Chartered dominates Nepse

KATHMANDU: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal (with Rs 36.64 million), Nepal Development and Employment Promotion Bank (with Rs 33.52 million), Nepal SBI Bank (with Rs 14.99 million), International Leasing and Finance (with Rs 13.91 million) and Bank of Kathmandu (with Rs 13.11 million) were the top performers of this week.

Whereas Nepal Development and Employment Promotion Bank topped the chart in terms of share units traded and number of transactions with 63,000-unit shares changing hands in 1,246 transactions.

Of the five day trading the secondary market closed in green for three days and in red for two days. The week started in green on Sunday as Nepse surged by 6.37 points to 660.42 points from the closing of 654.05 last Thursday. But it ended in red on Monday after losing 1.25 points to 659.17 points. The sole secondary market index bounced back on Tuesday by a marginal 0.88 point to 660.05 points. On Wednesday it surged by 1.50 points to 661.55 points. However, on Thursday the last day of the trading, the market closed 0.59 point lower to 660.96 points.

Of the nine sub-groups two — hotels and manufacturing subgroups — did not witness any change in their indices as their shares were not traded this week. Except only one sub-group — insurance companies — all other sub-groups; hydropower companies, development banks, commercial banks, finance companies, and others — gained this week to push the Nepse up by 6.91 points. Last week too the hotels sub-group didnot see any transaction.

Insurance companies sub-group lost 9.10 points to 626.07 points..

But the Hydropower sub-group gained a whopping 52.30 points to 875.07 point, others sub-group surged by 21.14 points to 643.84 points, trading sub-group flared by 16.62 points to 234.64 points, finance companies sub-group gained 8.35 points to 752.10 points, development banks sub-group gained 5.66 points to 779.10 points and the commercial banks sub-group gained a marginal 0.04 point to 658.53 points, respectively.

Unlike last week, this week Class-A companies contributed 59.54 per cent to Rs 293.19 million in the total transaction.

Last week Class-A companies contributed only 33.77 per cent.

Of the total listed companies 91 companies witnessed their scrips being traded during this week.

Meanwhile, the 78-scrip sensitive index — domestic blue chip — gained 0.55 point to 174.13 points from last week’s closing of 173.58 points. Similarly, the float index also gained 0.42 point to 63.89 points.