Subsidised fertilisers to farmers

KATHMANDU: The government is planning to help farmers by sharing the cost of chemical fertilisers, and has set the price for these fertilisers while providing subsidy and relief.

“We have announced the prices for chemical fertilisers, and have added only transfer cost. We are setting the prices according to international rates,” said Hari Dahal, spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoAC).

The fertilizer attainment and distribution group in Birgunj has set the price of urea at Rs 12, 500 per metric tonne to provide relief and easy availability to farmers as well as private distributors.

Krishi Samagri Co Ltd has about 11,000 metric tonnes urea available and is awaiting the arrival of another 20,000 metric tonnes. Some 2,500 metric tonnes of complex fertilisers are available while another 2500

metric tonnes will be arriving soon. DAP fertilizer is also arriving and will be made available shortly.

Fertilisers will be given in the presence of district officers. Every farming family in the Terai with land up to four hectares and farmers with land up to 15 ropanis in the hills can buy fertilisers for up to three times usage. Farmers can buy fertilisers at subsidised rates.