Subsidised shops

PARBAT: PARBAT: Parbat District Agricultural Developmental Office has distributed the grant to begin subsidised price cooperatives shop. However, the amount allocated for other five VDCs is frozen as there was no application for cooperatives shop the last fiscal.

According to District Agricultural Development Office (DADO) Parbat, all the cooperatives constituted in those fifty VDCs take the grant amount of Rs 100,000 provided by the government. The money has been sent to all the 50 VDCs, which applied for subsidized price cooperative shop, and such shops will soon be opened in the villages, said DADO chief Chandra Kanta Khanal. However, shops in Arthar, Banau, Hosrangadi and Bhorle will not be established this time as no applications were posted in the office, Khanal said.

The office also distributed Rs 1,200,000 to four cooperatives — Narayans-than Seed and Vegetable producer Cooperatives at Pangrang, Modikhola Farmers’ Cooperatives at Deupur, Ratikhola Cooperatives at Tilahar and Sirjanshil Cooperatives at Thanamaula — to upgrade their services.