Dhading, November 9:

With the arrival of modern technology, some traditional Nepali goods are finding it difficult to continue their continuance. Janto, Dhiki (instrument used for pounding and grinding) and Kol (instrument used to obtain oil from seeds) are the traditional tools, which are being displaced slowly but surely.

Till a decade back, there were plenty of Dhiki, Janto and Kol. But now these goods can hardly be found in rural areas of the district. “Till some decades back, Dhiki and Janto owners were regarded as rich people in villages. But, nowadays Dhiki and Janto owners are regarded as poor people,” lamented some old people. There is an excess of mills in every Village Development Committee (VDCs) of the district, turning traditional goods into showpieces.

According to a local teacher, Krishna Prasad Dahal, till some years ago, parents did not like to marry their daughters in houses where no Janto and Dhiki was available. This has become history now.”

Traditional Kol could be found everywhere till some years back. But there is only one kol at Salyantar VDC of the district now, said Dhruv Bahadur Thapa, president of Dhading-based FNCCI.

Modern technology has made life easier for people but it is also displacing traditional equipment, said a local, Shambhu Khatiwada. Some children today are ingnorant about Dhiki, Okhal, Kol and janto. Diesel engine mills have been established in every 50 VDCs of the district. Diesel and electric engine mills are faster and easier than traditional equipment, luring locals to the modern technology.

“People are opting for vegetable farming or raising fruits, rather than planting paddy or grains. This is also putting traditional tools out of practice,” said a senior citizen, Shyam Prasad Neupane.