Telcos face hard time as towers brought down

KATHMANDU: Telecommunication service in the Capital is facing a hard time after 72 telephone towers were taken out of the houses where they had been installed, following complaints by the house owners.

Most of the telephone towers were placed on roofs of the private houses in the Capital but house owners were against giving continuity to it, especially following the devastating earthquake of April 25 and several aftershocks.

It is learnt that such 37 towers of Nepal Telecom, 28 of Ncell and seven of UTL were taken out from the houses after the complaints by the house owners, Chairman at the Nepal Telecommunications Authority Digambar Jha said.

The sources have informed that there are 443 towers of Nepal Telecom, 347 of Ncell and 45 of UTL installed in various parts of the three districts in Kathmandu Valley. Of them, 95 were installed on rooftops of private houses.