Textile sector in tough times

Lalitpur, January 10:

Import of low-priced textiles from neighbouring countries into the local market has negatively affected local textile industries.

A variety of cheap fabrics supplied in the market, especially from China and India, is giving buyers an option to choose between local and often unfashionable fabrics and latest fabrics.

Ananda Karki, acting manager of Patan Industrial Estate (PIE) said, “Local textile industries have not been able to move with the changing demand of customers in the market. They have not been able to bring variety in technology and are stuck up with age-old products.”

Karki added that local production range from cotton, polyester, silk, pashmina and terylene according to the demand of the market.

Saraswati Textile, which is one of the textile industries running inside PIE, is currently facing a tough time. Gautam Shakya, proprietor of Saraswati Textile said that the cost of production for his products (polyester mixed terricotton) is quite high that other fine fabrics from China and India easily eating up the market.

“The price of our products has been fixed at Rs 19 while fine terri cotton fabrics are sold at Rs 27,” he said.