Thamel to be free from strikes

Kathmandu, March 7:

Thamel area, which is recognised as a tourist hub for years, is all set to be free from any sort of strikes, bandhs and activities related to dissent in days to come.

A decision to this effect was unanimously made at a meeting held between tourism entrepreneurs, security personnel and student leaders of various campuses.

A task force under the chairmanship of Namgyal Lama, vice-president of Thamel Tourism Development Board (TTDB), has also been formed following today’s meeting.

Participating members in the task force are presidents of Saraswoti Campus, Public Youth Campus and Amrit Science College, Thamel’s security in charge Tek Bahadur Tamang, among others.

As per the general understanding, the task force is to boost tourism in and around Thamel area as it is becoming a very sensitive place for domestic and foreign tourists, said Namgyal Lama, chief coordinator of the committee.

The task force is like a monitoring team to protect and boost Thamel area in terms of its tourism potential, said Lama while talking to The Himalayan Times.

Lama said as tourism holds tremendous potentials for itself and other sort of businesses as well, the area needs to be protected from further turmoil. Over 2,000 businesspersons are involved in hotel, tourism, trekking, restaurants, massage parlours, money exchangers, banks and financial institutions.

The Task Force will regulate traffic and other possible causes of disturbance in Thamel area, said Lama.