Think big and bold: Singh

Agence France Presse

New Delhi, January 22:

Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh today urged Indian entrepreneurs to think ‘big’, promising that his govern-ment would remove the ‘barriers to growth’.

“Our government will remove barriers to growth and encourage companies to become globally competitive,” Singh told a conference of chief executive officers (CEOs) from top Indian companies. “We must think big and think boldly. We must move away from (the) paradigm of incremental growth to a paradigm of exponential growth and growth into uncharted territory,” he said, “Our motto and our goal should be to do as well as a country like China does whether it is in the area of growth of GDP, growth of manufacturers, growth of trade or growth of infrastructure.”

China’s gross domestic product (GDP) is forecast at around 8.5 per cent for the current financial year while India’s growth is expected to hover between six to 6.5 per cent by March-end.