THT columnist in line for Bastiat Prize

Kathmandu, August 5 :

International Policy Network (IPN) has selected Rakesh Wadhwa, executive director of Nepal Recreation Centre and a columnist at The Himalayan Times, in the list of top six finalists for the $10,000 Bastiat Prize for Journalism.

According to IPN, Wadhwa was chosen into the top six finalists after multiple rounds of judging among over 25 entries from more than 40 countries.

The final panel of judges will analyse the submitted articles of all six finalists and decide on the winners in the next step of selection process.

The top three will be chosen by the end of the second week of September and invited to the presentation ceremony scheduled for November 1 at the Princeton Club, New York, further

adds the release.

Judges for this year include-Brian Carney, Wall Street Journal, Ed Crane, Cato Institute, Lord Kalms of Edgeware, Dixons Group Founder, Sally Pipes, Pacific Research Institute, Wolfgang Kasper, Centre for Independent Studies, Judge Douglas Ginsburg, Ruth Richardson, former finance minister of New Zealand, Bibek Debroy and Amity Shlaes.

Other five finalists include Tim Harford, New York Times and Financial Times, Frank Miele, The Daily Inter Lake, Ila Patnaik, Financial Express, Bagrial Rozenberg, The Times and Jamir Whyte, The Times along with Wadhwa.