Two wheelers’ market revs up

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 13:

Either a new bike is being introduced in the market every month or a new version of an existing vehicle with advanced technology is being floated to keep prospective customers interested.

With a surfeit of choices being offered by companies, it is often difficult for a consumer to choose one that best fits his or her necessity. Power, handling, operating cost, mileage, looks and the technologies incorporated are to be considered before buying a two wheeler.

If you are looking for a bike that comes in with cubic capacity of more than 125, then don’t forget to check few of these, before you purchase one.


Equipped with a twin spark plug, Pulsar 150 DTSi gives faster and better combustion.

The digital CDI with eight bit programmed microprocessor chip handles the optimum ignition timing for any given revolution per minute, obtaining best performance from combustion chambers. The throttle responsive ignition control system aids in controlling ignition by operating throttle. The 143.9 cc engine with the maximum power of 13 BPS @ 8600 rpm has a Constant Velocity (CV) carburetor to provide high performance.

The good looking bike with a tank capacity of 18 litres and reaching 60 km per hour from rest position in just 5.97 seconds has made it a fast growing bike in the market. The mileage of 40 - 45 km per liter measured in the streets of Kathmandu could be regarded satisfactory.

Bajaj will be soon introducing an upgraded version with Exhaust TEC

CBZ star:

Hero Honda has a wide variety of models ranging from CD Dawn to Karizma. The CBZ star is a part of CBZ legend refreshed with all new body language to attract people. The CBZ is being marketed with cool and new looks. The CBZ star presented with Transient Power Fuel Control (TPFC) System for quick acceleration provides a sudden surge when required. Dynamic Vibration Dampers incorporated in handlebar helps in smooth and easy drive. The trapezoidal headlight gives it a distinct style and the adjustable rear shock absorbers provide extra comfort for the rider.

The 156.8 cc engine of CBZ star is of single cylinder air-cooled type with overhead camshaft. The power 12.8 BHP generated at the rate of 8000 rpm makes it a bold machine. The CDI system endorsed in the CBZ star and the reaching 60 km per hr in just five seconds could be regarded well. CBZ star is available in market in shades of black, red, silver and blue and is equipped with self-start and disc brake.


The upgraded version of Ambition is attractively priced and offers better value for money without sacrificing on power. The 133cc Ambition offers optional front disc brakes and electric start. Contemporary style, acceleration and power with adequate fuel efficiency helped it to boom in the market. The 133 cc engine with a power of 11 BHP @ 8000 rpm takes six seconds to reach 60 km per hr from rest position. It has five gears, digital CDI system and advance microprocessor ignition.

The mileage of 40 - 45 km per liters measured in the streets of Kathmandu and the tank capacity of 12.5 litres is no problem if one wants to take a long drive.

Ambition is being marketed either in self-disc or in kick-drum. Colour shades of black, red, maroon, silver, blue and yellow are offered.


Self and disc: Rs 128,500

Kick and drum: Rs 113,500

Pros: Mileage and easy handling.

Cons: Lacks distinctive look.


Hydraulically damped telescopic front suspension for better maneuverability, smooth and comfortable riding position for a long drive and the digital mapped ignition for fuel efficiency and for determining ignition timings of fuel at variable speeds are features Fiero F2 offers.

The economy mode and power mode indicator always informs you about the fuel the bike is consuming.

The 147.5 cc engine of single cylinder that Fiero F2 has is of air-cooled type with overhead camshaft. The maximum power it generates is 12BHP @ 6500 rpm. An intelligent CV Carburetor coupled with the dual mode digital mapped ignition provides smooth power transmission and efficient mileage.

Rectangular Box swing arm gives better stability while riding. Bike looks stable and planted on dry surfaces but on wet surfaces it needs careful handling. The specially designed F2 tyres, which have excellent grip on dry surfaces however are difficult while riding on wet surfaces. Enhanced low-end torque F2 has, reduces the need for changing gears in city traffic. In the streets of Kathmandu, the mileage has been measured at an average of 45 – 50 km per liter.