Unnamed (VR) wins Ncell App Camp 2015 grand prize

KATHMANDU: Team Unnamed (VR) won the grand prize of Ncell App Camp 2015, the biggest mobile app development conclave of the country. The team also won under the ‘Games and Entertainment’ category.

In the ‘Health’ category, Skin Consult was the winner. Pinpeaks and Nidarr won the prizes under ‘Tourism’ and ‘Utilities’ categories, respectively. Being the grand winner, Unnamed (VR) has won a total cash prize of Rs 750,000 (Rs 250,000 as category winner and Rs 500,000 as grand prize winner). The other three winners under each category bagged cash prize of Rs 250,000 each.

CEO of Ncell Erim Taylanlar handed over the grand prize amid a function today.

The grand prize winner — Unnamed (VR) — is a 3D game in which the user finds himself or herself inside an old abandoned hospital haunted by zombies. This team also gets an opportunity to participate in an international event in 2016.

A total of 24 teams with six each from the four categories — Games and Entertainment, Health, Tourism and Utilities — were selected as finalists from 150 teams selected for the Ncell App Camp 2015. This year there was registration of 728 ideas for the Ncell App Camp.

The 24 teams were selected on basis of pre-announced criteria: importance of problem the app aimed to solve, the app’s business potential, its global scalability, and how the teams could articulate and present their ideas.