Vegetable ghee industry on deathbed

Biratnagar, December 4:

The smuggling of vegetable ghee from India and problems in exporting Nepali ghee to India and Tibet has led to the closure of Nepali ghee industry.

The ghee industry has been facing the squeeze for the last 10 months. There are 16 vegetable ghee factories in Nepal. High taxes in the import of raw materials from Kolkata of India, high customs duty on export, labour troubles, lack of power and poor transportation facilities have pushed these factories to the verge of extinction, said Laxman Nebatia of Swastik Ghee and Oil Industry.

The closure of ghee factories has caused a loss of Rs 2,400 million. The government should revive the ghee industry, said Pradip Murarka of Nepal Ghee and Oil Industries’ Association. High import duty and export taxes have spoilt the competitiveness of Nepali ghee.