Violence fuels overseas job hunting

Himalayan News Service

Dhadhing, March 8:

Irritated by the violent activities continuing in the country, residents of Dhadhing district are migrating to foreign countries, especially gulf nation in search of jobs.

Thousands of youths have gone to gulf countries, Malaysia, Dubai and India.

Dhadhing district has been famous for vegetable and fruit farming. But the recent migration of local youths is having an adverse impact on traditional vegetable farming. The district has 50 VDCs and 338, 513 people. There are 52 secondary schools and six higher-secondary schools in the district.

Due to unavailability of proper opportunities in Nepal, local youth has become frustrated and are being compelled to go to foreign countries seeking jobs, said local intellectuals. So much so that it has now become a fashion to go overseas. In order to get passports, local youths gather at the district headquarter.

"Those who come to us for passports are willing to pay in cash, as often demanded by agents," said Krishna Hari Pushkar, assistant chief district officer (CDO).

Graduates and the uneducated ones alike are found at the district administrative office (DAO) for passports, he added.

Sunmaya Tamang of Tipling VDC, a mother of three, can also be seen queuing up at the DAO for a passport. "Due to extreme poverty, I am planning to go to Hong Kong. My husband is also supporting me in this endeavour," said she.

Rajendra Adhikari of Dhuwakot wants to go overseas since he is unable to get any opportunity in Nepal. Most of the crowd at the DAO consists of youths, said Pushkar, assistant CDO.

Until January, at least 2,046 passports have already been issued from the DAO, states the passport section of the DAO. During the last one year, Rs 10,23,6500 worth of revenue has been collected from passports.

According to data made available by the DAO, at least Rs 15,15,000 revenue has been collected from passports during the month of January alone.