vox populi

Narad Kumar Raut,

Showroom operator

The provision of rehabilitating victimized women within 30 days is commendable.

Jib Raj Pathak,

Civil Contractor

The budget is ambitious and it is difficult to meet the target. One advantage of this budget is that elderly people will be provided social security penson.

Dopala Banjare, Pharmacist

The concept of "Health for All" by making arrangements for infrastructure, necessary manpower and budget is alluring. The arrangement for feasibility study to run the public health insurance program is a positive development.

Chudamani Adhikari, Teacher

Easy access for all Nepalis to education -- deemed a fundamental right -- has to be ensured. Free education should be provided up to class 10 gradually. School mapping has to be done, by determining student-teacher ratio.

Dhruva Sapkota,

Stationary shopkeeper

Compulsory VAT registration for a person importing taxable items exceeding Rs 10,000 for commercial purposes is good. A task force with the participation of people including those from the private sector to conduct a feasibility study of High Sea Sale has to be implemented.

Purushottam Basnet, Business person

The government should put a stop to centralizing developmental activities in urban areas only. Integrated infrastructure development program has to be launched for the development of medium and small cities. Give landless people land to live on.

Bhim Poudel, Ex-food technician

Youth in the country lack employment opportunities. The government should bring packages to mobilize youth power of our country. Remote places like Humla and Jumla should be supplied adequate food so that the food for all program becomes a reality.

Wangyen Lama, Taxi-driver

I do not like the budget. There are no provisions for taxi drivers or public transport operators. Salary increment in the government sector only is not fair as people like us suffer. We earn daily and pay our bosses on a daily basis, leaving us with a negligible amount.

Rajan Bhandari,

Student RR Campus

The allocation of Rs 10 crore for education is not sufficient. I am very dissatisfied with the large allocation for the security sector. The portion given to the security sector is just a cover-up for increase in crime and impunity.

Harikrishna Karmachari,


It is good that they have increased the prices of cigarettes and alcohol. The government should simply ban intoxicants completely. I am also irked at the increment in government employees' salary as market rates will go up and the public will suffer.

Dr. Deepeshwara Nepal,


I am very happy with the widow remarriage part of the budget. I am unhappy about the inter-caste segment because people may fraudulently acquire it.

Bhumi Nanda Chudal, Advocate

I do not like the budget.

Prices will get higher due to the hike in government employees' salary. The government should also completely ban cigarettes and alcohol.

Manoj Ratna Tuladhar,


Disaster Risk Storage is what I liked best. Also, the allocation to security forces is a good thing. Overall, it is a satisfactory budget if they put it into practice.

Ganesh Raj Bhatta, VP,

Nepal Students' Union

There should have been more stress on and allotment for the health sector. If this government is successful in putting it into practice it will reap great benefits eventually.

Somanath Baral, Shopkeeper

Everything has turned out well. A sufficient amount has been given for the agricultural sector. The public relief that they are providing is satisfactory. Maybe, there could be a problem because of the increment in government employees' salaries because the prices of market products could go up substantially and that will be difficult for the people. If the government is successful in putting the budget into practice it will be very good.

Saraswoti Sharma, Housewife

I specifically like the poverty elevation aspect. If the government is successful in doing that then it will be very good for the country. Youth and education sector also seems satisfactory. The salary increment in the government sector is something I liked very much, though I feel that the prices of everything will go up.

Shyam Krishna Raj Karnakar,

Stationery Goods Store Owner

It's a good budget, but my main concern is the increase in government salaries as prices will be soaring and all except government employees will suffer. The speech on crime and impunity was just lip service as the government will never be able to stop crime.